Fun Party Bus Ideas

You’ve been looking forward to this event for weeks. It’s a huge celebration with your closest friends, so you’re all going out. 

Unfortunately, though, you all need to take separate vehicles since there are so many of you.

Or do you? Wouldn’t it be nice to take just one vehicle? And maybe even bring the party to the vehicle?

That’s where a party bus comes in.

Renting a party bus to get around town can be easy, and there are a lot of fun party bus ideas to make the trip exciting. 

If you’re looking for fun ideas to do on the party bus, you’ve come to the right spot.

When you rent a party bus, you need to know how to entertain your guests.

In the article below, we will take a look at these party bus ideas to keep your guests happy while they’re on the road.

1. Cards and Board Games

If you aren’t going out for a bachelor/bachelorette party or a 21st birthday bash and have younger guests on the party bus, you can bring card games and board games on the bus they will love. A party bus is the perfect birthday party limo.

There are plenty of fun games you can use to keep your guests entertained so they enjoy their time on the bus.

There’s an unlimited amount of games you can play with a stack of 52 playing cards.

Some other games you can bring onboard are UNO, Checkers, Sorry, The Game of Life, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Bingo, and many others. New games are fun but sometimes, especially when adult beverages are involved, it is better to choose a classic game that is well-known.

Whether or not your party has tables will determine which games are the most suitable for your guests.

You can also bring the digital versions of these classic games.

Keeping your guests entertained with fun games is a thoughtful gesture and helps to pass the time.


2. Party Bus Themes

Giving your special occasion a theme can make it a memorable experience.

If you have a guest of honor, think about what they would enjoy the most and turn it into a theme. 

You can make anything at all a theme on the party bus.

Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Decade themes (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s)
  • Sports themed
  • Disco
  • Masquerade
  • Superhero

You can plan activities according to the theme you’ve chosen.

Depending on the theme of your choice, you can set up activities to follow.

3. Decorate the Bus

You’d be surprised what even a few simple decorations can do for a party bus.

If you have a theme, decorate according to the theme.

Or you can get birthday party decorations or decorations for a bachelorette/bachelor party. No matter what party theme you choose, it will be a blast.

When decorating, use colorful lighting that fits the theme of your party.

You can choose colorful LED lighting, disco lighting, laser lights, or mood lighting. Colorful string lighting hanging from the ceiling or along the sides of the bus’s interior can make it look more festive.

Another easy decoration is colorful balloons.

Decorating with colorful balloons is a cheap and easy way to add a special touch to your bus. Custom party banners are also an excellent way to add a personalized flair to the bus.

There are online services you can use to create high-quality custom banners to highlight the theme of your party.

Personalize your event with stylish banners that are enticing to your group. You can create banners of any size and shape to reflect the mood or theme of your event.

And don’t forget to treat guests with party favors.

Party favors are a must-have for any party, even if it’s on a party bus.

You can use these to liven up your party and to enhance the fun.

For an added touch, pick premium party favors that are handmade or customized for your celebration.

4. Karaoke Contest

Who doesn’t like karaoke?

Music is one of the best ways to turn a night into a party, and it’s even better when you’re the one singing.

You can do karaoke in teams as a fun way to bond with your friends.

Divide everyone up and have them prepare a song.

If you have a party bus theme, choose songs that go along with the theme. This works great with the decade’s theme.

5. Create a Dance Contest

Dance contests are excellent for on a party bus if your bus has the room for it.

This is a perfect idea if you have a large group to entertain. A party bus always has fun lights and loud music which is the perfect setting for a dance-off!

If you there a theme for your party, you can create a fun list of music based on that theme that gets your group in the mood to dance.

Just be sure you have a bus that’s sizable enough to accommodate your group and for them to have room to dance.

Party bus companies don’t want you doing anything unsafe on their bus.

6. What’s in the Bag

Playing what’s in the bag is a great game and fun idea for a bus full of women.

The host can make a list of common and some rare items you would find in a purse.

The women will read off the list and try to find as many items as possible in their purses.

The first team to get the item gets the point.

7. Wine Tastings

If you have a bus full of wine drinkers, what could be better than a wine tasting?

Treat your guest to samples of the latest wines, and it will for sure be a night they will never forget.

This is a fun party idea that you can use to travel in luxury and style.

Where to Go on a Party Bus

Deciding where you’re going on the bus is just as important as knowing what you’re going to do on the bus.

Even though you are sure to have a lot of fun on the bus, you don’t want to spend all of your time driving around.

Fortunately, you can take your party bus anywhere; a sporting event, nightclub, wedding venue, anything you can think of.

A few common party bus destinations include:

  • Casino
  • Concert
  • Night on the Town
  • Bar hopping
  • Bachelor parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday party
  • Prom
  • Corporate event
  • Sports Event
  • Wedding

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