Why Choose Private Transportation?

Traveling? Learn why private airport transportation is the better option for your next trip! 

Benefits of Private Airport Transportation

For some people, it is always travel season, and there is ofter a common dilemma that you face, transportation. Should I use a ride sharing app or private airport transportation to and from the airport?

One method has been around for decades while the other has only been around for a few years. Whether you’re traveling solo for work or with a large family for vacation, there are more advantages for using private airport transportation the next time you fly.

Woman taking private transportation to the airport in Atlanta, GA

1. Group Transportation

Travelers that travel with large groups for business or pleasure, may have a difficult time finding a vehicle that accommodates the size of their group when using a ride sharing app. Many of these apps have a standard size where there’s only room for four passengers.

If you want a ride that can fit more people, you’ll have to pay significantly more money and finding a vehicle that’s big enough for your party larger than six passengers is nearly impossible.

When you book in advance with private airport transportation, you’ll have choices between vans, limousines, or even small buses to safely transport your group to your destination.

This is a more ideal option for large groups of business professionals or people that are vacationing in crowded and unfamiliar areas.

2. Navigating Your Location

When you book private airport transportation, you likely get a professional driver that knows the area well and can take you to your destination in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Traffic jam? They’ll most likely know how to navigate around that. Going to a popular spot? They’ll probably know how to get there via a shortcut that will save you time and a headache.

Most ride sharing drivers rely on apps on their phone to get you to your destination. These are not always reliable and cell phones can lose signal which creates a problem for you and your driver.

But with a professional driver, they most likely know how to get you to your destination without having to use an app on their cellphone. They’ve probably driven all the common routes from the airport thousands of times because of their training and experience.

3. Luxury

Ride sharing apps don’t offer stretch limos or luxury vans. Private airport transportation, however, does. You can arrive to your destination in style in a stretch limo or with your entire group in one vehicle in a luxury van.

These companies also tend to focus more on luxury and professional service, so you know you’ll have a premier transportation experience every time. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing what type of vehicle you’ll be using in advance.

4. Stress Free Travel

Imagine having your own personal driver that waits for you and picks you up from the airport as soon as you leave the terminal doors.

With private airport transportation, you’ll get that type of exceptional service. Most Uber or Lyft drivers have to pick you up in designated areas that are a far walk away from typical airport pick up areas.

This creates a cluster of other passengers where confusion and unfamiliarity often ensues. Skip the long wait and walk for a ride sharing car and hire a professional that will pick you up on time and in an easily accessible location.

5. Predictable Pricing

Uber and Lyft give you estimated prices, but those prices usually increase during popular events and in heavy traffic. This is known as surge pricing. This is when ride sharing apps significantly increase their rates due to high demand.

However, surge charges don’t happen with private transportation companies. When you initially contact them, you’ll get a flat rate fee ahead of time, even if there’s heavy traffic that takes you longer to get to your destination. This can make private airport transportation a more cost effective option.

These are just five key advantages to using private airport transportation instead of an Uber or Lyft when you’re going to and from an airport.

So, next time you’re flying, close out that ride share app and use private airport transportation instead. Simply call Premier Private Rides in advance to get your type of vehicle and flat rate fee ahead of time, or simply fill out the form below now to start your reservation! Trust us, Premier Private Rides is more convenient than the unknowns of a ride sharing app, you’ll thank yourself later.

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