East Point Luxury Car Service

Premier Private Rides offers the best luxury transportation services in East Point. We will work to meet every person, group, and occasion’s needs.

Top Rated Luxury Car Service in East Point 

All cars can get us to our destination, but only a few are suitable for important events.

Using everyday cars on weddings, proms, school dances, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events is highly inappropriate, and the better choice is to go for luxury vehicles.

Only a few people can drive luxury cars since they are expensive, but those who cannot afford one can rely on an excellent chauffeur services company like Premier Private Rides to get them the luxurious vehicle they need.

Premier Private Rides is one of the most excellent companies in East Point when it comes to chauffeur services.

We only have the best luxury vehicles for those who live or are visiting East Point or anywhere near it.

Premier’s fleet of vehicles includes limousines, luxury passenger buses, SUVs, black cars, and other luxury cars.

Luxury Car Service in East Point, GA

How Can Our Vehicles Help East Point Residents?


Limousines are one of the most popular vehicles rented in Premier Private Rides for weddings, homecomings, proms, and other special events. Our limousines can cater to a group of friends or even a single person.

Luxury Passenger Buses 

If East Point residents need a comfortable and luxurious bus for either a company or a school field trip, then we can offer our premium luxury buses here in Premier Private Rides. East Point residents will no longer have to book for buses from bus companies because Premier has what they need. 

SUVs and Black Cars 

If someone wants to have an extravagant group or personal ride, then Premier Private Rides has them covered. Our black cars are perfect for business meetings, parties, reunions, dates, and clubbing for the night. We have a large fleet of SUVs and other vehicles that our clients can choose from to get the car that they need.

How Is Our Private Luxury Car Service in East Point Beneficial? 

Many people can use ride-sharing applications to get a car for their trip, which are typically reliable. However, travelers will find that using private cars is generally better for them since they have been around in the industry longer than ride-sharing apps.

It’s hard to reserve a luxury car from ride-sharing apps because only too few drivers own luxury vehicles, but East Point residents will not have to worry about this since they can select the perfect vehicle for them from Premier’s fleet of luxury vehicles.

Group Transportation 

Finding a comfortable vehicle that can fit more than six people is usually impossible when using ride-sharing apps to look for them, but there are times when people were successful in getting such a comfortable car, only to find out that they are more expensive compared to the standard vehicles.

Navigating Your Location 

The drivers you get from ride-sharing apps tend to depend on mobile apps to get you to your destination, which is not an excellent choice for people traveling around East Point. It is better to have the services of an experienced and trained professional driver that can get you to your destination even without using GPS.


Most of the vehicles offered on ride-sharing apps are not exactly luxurious since their fleet tends to consist of standard everyday cars. Premier Private Rides has a wide range of luxury cars in its fleet that people can choose from as long as they book in advance.

Predictable Pricing 

There may be an estimated fee upon booking a driver’s services through a ride-sharing app, but the pricing can still change in different situations, resulting in several hidden charges after the trip. You will not have to worry about any hidden fees when you book with Premier Private Rides since it has a “no surprise” guarantee policy, which means that you will only have to pay the flat fee itself regardless of the circumstances. 

Stress-Free Travel 

Booking Premier Private Rides would reduce the stress of traveling, especially if a person booked one of our luxury vehicles. Unlike ride-sharing apps where there is a meeting place between the driver and the passenger, Premier can fetch customers anywhere they may be and get them to their destinations. 

If you want excellent, sophisticated, and affordable chauffeuring service in East Point, then there is nowhere to go but in Premier Private Rides. 

If you wish to have a reservation, you can dial 770-757-1597.

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Arriving at Prom in style is an unforgettable experience, and securing a prestigious limousine rental can enhance your journey. Follow these steps to find the ideal limousine for your needs and preferences. Prioritize researching reputable rental companies, selecting the perfect limousine model, and booking in advance to guarantee availability. With careful planning, your time at Prom will be a cherished memory for years to come.

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