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 Best Limousine Service in Peachtree City


 If you are planning to visit Peachtree City soon, then you should seriously consider booking the best limousine service in all of Metro Atlanta, which is Premier Private Rides.


One of the best things about the City of Peachtree is its location. It is just a  30-minute drive from Atlanta, which makes it very accessible.

But when you get there, it is like entering a new world. Atlanta is a big city and like other metropolitan areas, is always busy and noisy. Peachtree City though is different.

 The atmosphere is more relaxed. No wonder many people want to live in the area.

 If you are planning on staying in Peachtree City a few places to consider are Peachtree City Atlanta Hotel or Hilton Garden Inn let Premier Private Rides provide luxury transportation to your hotel

Peachtree City gives you the best of two worlds. It has the vibe of a true vacation place. In it, you really can enjoy the peace and quiet that many people are looking for. It even has an exotic feel that will make you one with nature. At the same time, the city offers the convenience and comfort of a modern city. And because it is very near Atlanta, you can easily switch settings depending on your mood. Of course, the best way to go around Peachtree City and the Atlanta area is by hiring the best limousine service in the area and that is none other than Premier Private Rides. We have a fleet of luxury cars and a team of professional drivers who will be more than happy to give you the time of your life in Peachtree City. 

Some great restaurants that Premier Private Rides suggests to check out are Palmer’s, Borgo Italia and The Beirut







A Short History of Peachtree City

A relatively young city, Peachtree City is founded in 1959. It holds the distinction of being one of America’s most successful master-planned cities. This is why it has attracted more than 30,000 residents to date. The city is composed of four distinct villages that together hold more than 125 neighborhoods. These villages are Braelinn, Aberdeen, Glenlock, and Kedron. 


Traveling Around Peachtree City

Peachtree City is known for its network of golf cart paths. This is why the city’s signature vehicle is the golf cart. The carts here are not really used for golfing but for going to and discovering different areas and attractions such as lakes, nature trails, and shopping and dining places. But yes, there are also golf courses if you want to play and practice your swing. To go to the places that are not covered by the golf cart path, it is still best to hire a private limousine. And in Peachtree City and the whole Atlanta area, the best limousine service is Premier Private Rides. 


Many parts of Peachtree City are protected areas. So if you are looking for pristine places that are untouched by modernity, this city should be on top of your list. The whole area actually has a resort feel to it. That’s why it is hard to believe that it’s very near Atlanta. There are many open spaces and parks in the city that are used for gatherings and special events. If you want to meet the locals and get to know them better, then going to these places in a luxury vehicle from us is the best thing for you to do. 


The Best Peachtree City Limousine Service

Without a doubt, Premier is the best limousine service in Peachtree City. With our professional chauffeurs and fleet of luxury vehicles, we will make sure that you will have the best time in Peachtree City. To make a reservation, you may call 770-637-5580 or send an email to

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