Sometimes when you’re visiting an unfamiliar city, hiring a chauffeur service is easier than driving yourself.

But if you are thinking about hiring a limo service provider or a sedan service, there are a few things that you need to understand before hiring them.

There are several important questions you should ask before hiring a transportation provider.

The right limo service will provide safe vehicles and professional chauffeurs, all at an affordable price.

When you’re planning your trip to Atlanta, be sure to learn as much as you can about potential chauffeur services and professional drivers before you hire one.

A reputable company can make your trip a success, and the wrong one can make you wish you never visited.

To help you choose the right chauffeur service for your next trip to Atlanta, we’ve compiled a few questions you should ask them before you choose your transportation service.

Table of Contents

  • How Do You Hire Your Drivers?
  • What Type of Training Do Your Drivers Have?
  • Do You Have Proof of Valid Insurance Coverage?
  • What Kind of Vehicles Do You Have in Your Fleet?
  • How Do You Maintain Your Vehicles
  • What’s Included in Your Packages and What Do They Cost?

How Do You Hire Your Drivers?

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Reputable limo companies will only hire chauffeurs that have undergone extensive training and rigorous background checks.

They should also screen and test their drivers for drugs regularly.

Many transportation companies will also allow you to arrange a meet and greet with your potential driver before your first day of service so you can decide if they’re a good fit.

Your chauffeur should also be happy to help you with your luggage and provide other forms of assistance.

What Type of Training do Your Drivers Have?

Many states, Georgia included, require limo drivers to have a chauffeur’s license or permit, in addition to their regular class D driver’s license.

If you plan on leaving Georgia and go to another state, your chauffeur should have a chauffeur’s permit in that state, as well.

You want to be sure your driver has a clean driving record without any recent infractions or violations.

You should also ask them if they are familiar with defensive driving to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

Do You Have Proof of Valid Insurance Coverage?

Any competent limousine service will not hesitate to provide you with proof of valid insurance coverage of their fleet.

If you can, it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to call their insurance provider so you can gather more details about the insurance policy the company carries.

When you do this, if there are outstanding issues with the policy of the company you plan on hiring, the insurance company can immediately notify you.

If you plan on hiring a chauffeur service for a big group, you will need to make sure they have adequate insurance to accommodate your group.

The company must carry at least $5 million in automobile liability insurance coverage for groups of 16 or more people.

Insurance coverage is an absolute necessity because if an accident does happen, you want to be sure you and your guests are covered.

luxury black Cadillac Escalade ESV

What Kind of Vehicles Do You Have in Your Fleet?

You can also ask to see their fleet of vehicles.

And by the way, when you’re asking these questions, pay attention to the customer service they are providing.

Limo companies should be happy to answer these questions, and if they aren’t, it should be a red flag.

Anyway, any reputable company will allow you to see the vehicles they offer either online or in person.

Carefully examine the pictures on their website and learn about each vehicle before deciding what you want.

And if you meet them in person and the car doesn’t look like it did in the pictures, you might need to reconsider your choice.

If they aren’t honest on their website, it could be a sign that you are about to receive dismal service.

When you know what type of vehicles your potential chauffeur company offers, you can ensure you choose the right one for your needs. 

How Do You Maintain Your Vehicles?

limo sprinter driven by a professional driver

Once you’ve seen their vehicles, you can ask how they maintain them.

Ask them how often their vehicles are inspected by professionals.

Exceptional transportation services include vehicles with a regular maintenance schedule so they are always in the best possible condition.

All limousine service providers today should have all of their vehicles in excellent condition when they arrive.

No matter where you’re going, how long you’re using the service, you need to have peace of mind that the vehicle you are traveling in has been well taken care of. 

What’s Included in Your Packages and What Do They Cost?

When you’re thinking about using driving services, you should ask what’s included in their driving packages.

A chauffeur company with excellent customer service will offer you extras like beverages and snacks that you can eat while enjoying your drive.

Always ask this question. The last thing you want to happen is to show up to pick up your car and be caught off guard by the specifications of the package that you’ve purchased.

You also need to ask what the all-in price is.

What are they going to charge you for their services for your trip? Are there any hidden fees?

There are a couple of things that need to be considered when figuring out the cost.

The price will include the size of your vehicle, how long you’re renting it, the distance you’ll be traveling, the size of your group, and any add-ons you’ve requested.

There shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to the price when it’s time to pay.

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